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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Two or more words that commonly go together are called 'collocations'. They are frequently used by native English speakers.
Here are some collocations with the verb 'go'.

GO ... GO TO ... GO TO A/AN ...
abroad/away/ahead England/Chile/Australia bar/coffee shop
astray/missing/home church concert
left/right/straight on college/school/university conference
north/south/east/west extremes exhibition
fishing/sailing/shopping prison/jail festival
bald/blind/deaf bed meeting
crazy/mad/insane/wild sleep party
bankrupt hell restaurant
GO TO THE ... GO ON ... GO FOR ...
airport a cruise a coffee
bathroom a date a drink
bank/post office a holiday/a vacation a meal
cinema/theatre a journey/a tour/a trip a drive
supermarket a picnic/a diet a nap
zoo a safari a run/a jog
doctor's stage a check-up
dentist's strike a swim/a dip
hairdresser's treatment a walk