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 English Vocabulary for learners 


from  'come clean'   to  'come into view'

Collocations are combinations of two or more words that usually go together and are frequently used by native English speakers.
Here are some collocations and expressions with 'come'.

COME ... Examples of use
Come clean (about)
Make a confession; tell the truth about something
“He was accused of plagiarism and came clean about it.”
Come close
Almost do or achieve something
“Tom didn’t find the solution but he came close.”.
Come to an end
Stop, finish
“Emily was sad when her internship came to an end.”
Come to life
Become more lifelike, real or active
"The painting comes to life if you look at it long enough.
“The flowers come to life when spring arrives.”
Come to light
Become known; be revealed
“Other details came to light during the investigation.’
Come to mind
Appear in your mind; think of something
“I’m looking for a solution but nothing comes to mind.”
Come into play
Start to have an effect on a situation.
“In outdoor sports, the weather can come into play.”
Come to power
Take office; gain political  control.
The tyrant came to power by rigging the elections.”
Come prepared
Arrive ready for a particular event
“She was advised to come prepared for the interview.”
Come to terms
Gradually accept a stressful event or situation
“It took time to come to terms with the sudden death of my father.”
Come under attack
Be assaulted or aggressed
“Several policemen came under attack during the riot.”
Come into the picture
Become involved in a situation.
“I missed the bus and needed a place to sleep.
That’s where my friend Sam came into the picture.”
Come into view
Appear; become visible
“When we took the next street, the sea came into view.”

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