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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Adverbs and adjectives that often go together.

Collocations are two or more words that are frequently used together. They are combinations that native English speakers use all the time.
Here are some common adverb + adjective collocations.

absolutely delighted Carla was absolutely delighted to win first prize.
absolutely necessary It is not absolutely necessary but highly recommended.
absolutely ridiculous She arrived wearing an absolutely ridiculous outfit.
actively involved They are both actively involved in politics.
badly injured Several passengers were badly injured in the accident.
bitterly cold They set off on a bitterly cold winter morning.
bitterly disappointed Sam was bitterly disappointed with the result.
blissfully unaware He sat on the edge of the cliff blissfully unawareof the danger.
completely different The twins have completely different personalities.
conveniently located The house is conveniently located near shops and schools.
deadly serious Tom was deadly serious when spoke about his plans.
deeply ashamed He was deeply ashamed of his behaviour at the party.
deeply divided The referendum left the country deeply divided.
deeply offended You could see that Bill was deeply offended by the remark.
desperately eager The candidate was desperately eager to please.
entirely satisfactory The result was not entirely satisfactory.
eternally grateful I will be eternally grateful for all your help.
fiercely competitive Low-cost airlines are fiercly competitive nowadays.
fully aware Tom was fully aware of the consequences.
heavily armed The soldiers guarding the building were all heavily armed.
hideously disfigured The explosion left the poor man hideously disfigured.
highly commended The fire fighter was highly commended for his brave action.
highly impressed We were all highly impressed by the athlete's performance.
highly unlikely It is highly unlikely that any survivors will be found.
highly unusual Snow at this time of the year is highly unusual.
mildly amused The teacher didn't laugh, although she did look mildly amused.
painfully obvious It was painfully obvious that she didn't want his attention.
painfully shy As a child I was painfully shy - I didn’t speak much.
patently obvious From the look on his face it was patently obvious that he was not interested.
perfectly clear It was perfectly clear that Julie did not approve.
perfectly normal It’s perfectly normal to be nervous before an exam.
perfectly reasonable We addressed a perfectly reasonable request to the owner.
readily available Information is readily available for visitors.
reasonably happy Since moving to London Carla seems reasonably happy.
really amazing The special effects used in Star Wars are really amazing.
reasonably priced Housing is reasonably priced in this area.
ridiculously cheap I was lucky. The shoes I liked were ridiculously cheap!
scared stiff Julie was scared stiff when she saw the snake.
seriously ill The doctor informed us that dad was seriously ill.
seriously injured Several passengers were seriously injured in the crash.
seriously tempted He was seriously tempted by the offer but he refused it.
sorely missed Our English teacher will be sorely missed when she retires.
strictly forbidden It is strictly forbidden to walk on the lawn.
strongly opposed Her parents were strongly opposed to the marriage.
terribly disappointing Tom didn’t enjoy the show. He found it terribly disappointing.
thoroughly spoilt That child is thoroughly spoilt!
totally indifferent He remained totally indifferent to all the criticism.
totally unbelievable His version of the accident was totally unbelievable.
utterly stupid It is utterly stupid to go sailing in stormy weather.
vaguely familiar I don't know who he is but his face is vaguely familiar.
widely accepted Payment by credit card is now widely accepted.
widely available The product is widely available so you should have no trouble finding it.
wildly optimistic His sales estimations are wildly optimistic.