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ADJECTIVES beginning with 'WELL'

The prefix 'well' added to an adjective.

The prefix ‘well’ before an adjective generally means that something is of a high or suitable standard.
Here are some examples.:

well-adjusted Mentally and emotionally stable.
"The child adapted easily and is now a happy, well-ajusted teenager."
well-appointed Having the necessary or required equipment, furnishings, installations, etc.
"We reserved a room in a well-appointed holiday resort."
well-behaved Having good manners and/or acting in an appropriate way.
"The crowd was well-behaved during the match. There were no incidents."
well-built A strong, sturdy person, or something designed to function well.
"The suspect is described as a tall well-built man."
"The well-built scenario led to a successful film."
well-connected Have important and influential friends.
"He’s not liked but he always gets invited because he’s well-connected!"
well-deserved Be greatly merited; be justified
"After all their hard work, they treated themselves to a well-deserved holiday."
well-done Cooked all the way through.
"The steak was served well-done, which he didn't like."
well-dressed Wearing smart or elegant clothes.
"The next candidate was a well-dressed man who looked very confident."
well-earned Fully deserved because you have worked hard.
"After the busy summer season we’re taking a well-earned holiday."
well-educated Knowledgeable; cultivated; literate; qualified
"The country has a well-educated population but a high level of unemployment due to the war."
well-established In existence for some time, successful and trusted.
"The matter is in the hands of a well-established law firm."
Trying to help but sometimes making things worse.
"My mother’s well-meaning advice proved to be irritating!"
well-kept 1) Always neat and tidy.   2) Known by only a few people.
"The family lives in a small well-kept house."
"The donor’s identity is a well-kept secret."
well-known Widely known, famous or recognized by many people.
"The picture was taken by a well-known photographer."
well-off Wealthy; prosperous; have a lot of money.
"They must be well-off to own such a big house."
well-rounded Having varied abilities or attainments
"It is important that all children receive a well-rounded education."
well-spoken Be able to communicate in a clear, articulate and courteous manner.
"A well-spoken delegate was chosen to defend their cause."
well-timed Happening at a particularly suitable time.
"The hostages were saved by the well-timed intervention of the police."
well-to-do Prosperous, rich, or having enough to live comfortably.
"The house has been bought by a well-to-do businessman."

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