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 English Vocabulary for learners 

from:  'adventuresome'   to:  'worrisome'

The suffix 'some' added to an adjective generally means 'tending to' or 'causing'.
The list below shows some examples of these adjectives.

adventuresome inclined to take risks or try difficult things
awesome excellent, inspiring awe, very impressive
bothersome annoying, irritating, disturbing
burdensome hard to bear or difficult to do
cuddlesome endearing, pleasant to hug or cuddle
cumbersome large, heavy, difficult to carry or use
fearsome frightening, causing fear or timidity
gruesome horrifying or causing repulsion
handsome attractive, good-looking
irksome irritating, tedious, disagreeable
loathsome causing hatred or disgust
lonesome feeling lonely or solitary
quarrelsome tending to argue or provoke a dispute
tiresome boring, tedious, laborious
troublesome causing annoyance or difficulty
wholesome healthy, nutritious
winsome charming, appealing, sweet (e.g. a smile)
worrisome causing worry or concern

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