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 English Vocabulary for learners 

from:  'ageless'   to:  'worthless'

The suffix 'less' added to an adjective means 'without' or 'insufficient',
for example: 'fearless' (without fear) or 'careless' (insufficient attention) .
The list below shows some examples of these adjectives.

ageless "He's growing old but somehow he looks ageless."
careless “After the accident he was accused of careless driving.”
childless “The childless couple decided to leave their money to charities.”
countless “The family received countless letters of support.”
cureless "Unfortunately her illness is cureless."
defenceless "Many of the attacks were carried out on defenceless civilians."
endless “They had endless conversations on the subject.”
expressionless “While he listened his face remained expressionless.”
fearless “Those watchdogs are incredibly fearless when faced with a threat.”
flawless “You’re lucky. You’ve got flawless skin.”
harmless “The dog barks a lot at people but it’s harmless."
headless “Investigators are running around like headless chickens."
heartless "The dictator is a cruel heartless man."
heedless "The boys walked along the edge of the cliff heedless of the danger."
helpless "The government is not doing enough to protect helpless orphans."
homeless “The floods after the storm left many families homeless.”
hopeless “The situation is not as hopeless as it seems.”
jobless “Without state benefits many of the jobless would be destitute.”
lifeless “The rescuers recovered two lifeless bodies from the wreckage.”
"The helicopter landed in a lifeless area with neither animals nor plants."
mindless “The demonstration turned into a scene of mindless violence.”
painless “Don’t worry. I can assure you it will be painless” said the doctor.
penniless “The poor man has no money. He's penniless!”
powerless “We were completely powerless against the rising flood water."
priceless “Many of the sculptures exhibited are priceless.”
sleepless "A new baby is usually the cause of many sleepless nights!"
speechless “Her amazing declaration left the audience speechless.”
tasteless “The food was disappointing – they found it tasteless.”
thoughtless “His thoughtless comments caused a lot of embarrassment.”
toothless “The baby greeted us with a big toothless smile.”
topless Topless swimsuits are not allowed on this beach.”
useless “The bicycle was so badly damaged that it was useless".
worthless “He later discovered that the agreement was worthless.”

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