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Conversation topics suitable for advanced learners of English.


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  • Consumerism
    Short definition: spending money on things that we don't really need, for example:
       - replacing a perfectly working mobile phone because a new model has come out
       - buying more and more toys for children
    Solicit more examples...

    • What are the positive and negative effects of consumerism?
        Positive effects:
      • increased industrial production
      • more jobs
      • a greater selection of goods to choose from
      • provides more comfort
      • makes us happier

        Negative effects:
      • destruction of our natural resources
      • increased pollution
      • low-quality products (...that have to be replaced more often)
      • lower working standards in countries where goods are manufactured

    • Did previous generations consume as much?
    • Should people be encouraged to consume less? Why? How?

  • Physical Appearance
    • What is the first thing you notice about a person ?
    • Is it important how people dress ?
    • Is weight/physical well-being/fitness important ?
    • Which is the most important : clothes, shoes, hair, hygiene, fitness, style … ?
    • Does a person’s appearance reveal their personality ?
    • Is it wrong to judge people by their appearance ?
    • Could you be intimidated by someone’s appearance ?
    • What can people do to maintain or improve their appearance?
    • Is it acceptable to tell someone that they need to improve their appearance?
    • How should you dress for a job interview ?
    • On what occasions is it acceptable to dress casually ?
    • Can you think of expressions relating to clothes and/or appearance :
      (e.g. 'off the peg' / 'down at heel' / 'dressed to kill' / 'not a hair out of place' …)

  • Customs and Traditions
    • Have you visited other countries (besides the country where you live now) ?
    • What country/countries have you visited ?
    • Did you discover any customs or traditions that were different from your home country’s customs ?
    • Have you heard of any other strange foreign customs or traditions ?
    • Can you tell us about some of the most important customs of your country?
    • Is it necessary/advisable/recommended to follow other country’s customs ?
    • How do people greet each other in your country ?
    • Do you know of any particular wedding customs in other countries ?
    • What about eating customs ? Are they the same in all countries ?
    • Do you follow all of your country’s traditions and customs?

  • Coronavirus
    • What images come to mind when you hear the word ‘virus’?
    • What do you know about the coronavirus?
    • What does the word ‘outbreak’ make you think of?
    • What is the difference between ‘outbreak’ and ‘pandemic’?
    • What can governments do to stop a pandemic?
    • Could or should governments have reacted differently at the beginning of the outbreak?
    • Do you think the whole world can or should be vaccinated against the coronavirus?
    • Do you think scientists will find a cure for the coronavirus?
    • What questions would you like to ask a virologist?
    • Do you agree with the Japanese authorities’ decision not to allow spectators at the Tokyo Olympic games?
    • Did that decision prevent or limit the spread of the virus?
    • Are rich countries better protected than under-developed countries?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of vaccine passports?
    • Imagine life in the future. In what way will we live differently?
      - Work
      - Education
      - Everyday life (shopping, sports, travel, etc.)

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