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English Proverbs

Commonly-used proverbs beginning with the letter 'C'

Proverbs from:  'calm sea'   to:  'no cure, no pay'

  • (A) calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.
    • A person shows their competence or ability when difficulties arise.

  • Care is no cure
    • Worrying about something does not solve the problem.

  • (A) cat has nine lives.
    • 1) Cats can survive many accidents because they land on their feet without injury.
      2) Nine lives = 3 years to play, 3 years to stray, 3 years to stay.

  • (A) chain is no stronger than its  weakest link.
    • The strength of a group depends on each individual member.

  • (A) change is as good as a rest.
    • A change in routine is often as refreshing as a break or a holiday.

  • Charity begins at home.
    • A person's first duty is to help and care for his own family.

  • Children are certain cares but uncertain comforts
    • Children are bound to cause anxiety but do not always bring joy.

  • Children and fools tell the truth.
    • Neither children nor fools know that it is sometimes advantageous to lie.

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness.
    • A clean body is just as important as a pure soul.

  • Clear moon, frost soon.
    • If the atmosphere is clear, frost may form.

  • (A) closed mouth catches no flies.
    • If you learn when to keep silent you will avoid trouble.

  • Clothes don't make the man.
    • Appearances can be deceiving.

  • (A) constant guest is never welcome.
    • If you come to visit too often, your host will be less pleased to see you.

  • Constant occupation prevents temptation.
    • When you are busy working, you avoid temptation.

  • Courtesy is contagious
    • If you are polite to other people, they will be polite to you.

  • Cross the stream where it is shallowest
    • Always do something the easiest possible way.

  • Crosses are ladders that lead to heaven
    • Suffering and misfortune often show the best in a person's character.

  • No cure no pay
    • If the results promised are not produced, there will be no payment.

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