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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs containing three words or three parts.

  • catch up with
    • Reach the same stage or level as someone else.
      "I've missed some classes so I'll have to work hard to catch up with the others."

  • come up against
    • Be faced with, or opposed by (a reaction)
      "The removal of the statue came up against strong opposition."

  • come up with
    • Produce or suggest a plan or idea..
      "Sacha came up with a great idea for the party."

  • come down with
    • Become ill with
      "The architect planned to attend the inauguration but he came down with the 'flu yesterday."

  • drop out of
    • Leave or exit before finishing.
      "Chloe dropped out of art school after the first term."

  • get along with
    • Have a (good) relationship with someone.
      "How do you get along with your mother-in-law?"

  • get around to
    • Finally do something you intended to do.
      "Jack finally got around to tidying the garage."

  • get away with
    • Succeed in avoiding punishment.
      "We all know he cheats, but he gets away with it!"

  • give in to
    • Be unable to resist something
      "She was on a diet but she gave in to her longing for sweet food when she saw the dessert trolley."

  • live up to
    • Be as good or do as well as expected.
      "I hope I’ll live up to my parents’ expectations."

  • look down on
    • Consider as inferior.
      "He looks down on anyone who is not successful."

  • look up to
    • Admire or respect.
      "Ms Townsend was a great teacher. We all looked up to her."

  • look forward to
    • Await or anticipate with pleasure.
      "I look forward to seeing you next week-end."

  • lose out on
    • Miss or be deprived of something.
      "I watched the match until the end so as not to lose out on anything."

  • lose out to
    • Be less successful than someone else..
      "Pedro lost out to a candidate who spoke fluent English."

  • put up with
    • Tolerate
      "I don't know how you can put up with all that noise."

  • run out of
    • Have no more of something
      "What a nuisance! We’ve run out of milk!"

  • stand up for
    • Support or defend someone or something.
      "You must learn to stand up for your personal views."

  • veer away from
    • Avoid, stay away from.
      "I veer away from hypochondriacs if I can."

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