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English Phrasal Verbs

Alphabetical list H of commonly-used phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter 'H'

  • hand back
    • Return.
      "She read the article and then handed it back."

  • hand down
    • Pass on (by tradition, inheritance...).
      "My clothes were handed down to me by my older sister."

  • hand in
    • Submit (report, homework).
      "All application forms must be handed in before the end of the month."

  • hand out
    • Distribute.
      "Samples will be handed out at the end of the demonstration."

  • hand over
    • Give to someone in authority.
      "The boy was forced to hand over the mobile phone he had stolen."

  • hang back
    • Be reluctant to do something.
      "All the children rushed towards the clown except one boy who hung back."

  • hang on
    • Wait.
      "Hang on a minute. I'm nearly ready."

  • hang on to
    • Keep a hold on something.
      "Be careful. Hang on to that rope and you'll be ok.

  • hang out
    • Spend time in a particular place or with a group of friends.
      "Where does Danny hang out these days?"
      "Who does he hang out with?"

  • hang up
    • End a telephone conversation.
      "Please don't hang up. I haven't finished yet.

  • head off
    • Start to go somewhere.
      "The group of tourists headed off to the train station."

  • head for
    • Go towards or move in a certain direction.
      "We all started to shout because the boat was heading for the rocks."

  • hit at
    • Aim a blow at something.
      The customer hit at the wasp with a newspaper."

  • hit back
    • Retaliate; reply to an attack.
      "When he was attacked, the boy hit back with all his strength."

  • hit on/upon
    • Find unexpectedly or by inspiration.
      "As she watched the news she hit upon an idea for her new collection."

  • hold off
    • Delay something until a later time.
      "Could you hold off your decision until after the meeting?

  • hold on
    • Wait for a short time.
      "Hold on a moment please. I'll put you through to Mr. Brown."

    • Grip tightly.
      "She held on to the railing as she crossed the bridge."

  • hold up
    • Show as a example.
      "The teacher held up the diagram for all to see."

  • hook up
    • Fasten (a garment).
      "Can you help me to hook up my dress? It's a bit complicated."

  • hook up (with)
    • Link broadcasting facilities.
      "Many networks are hooked up by satellite."

  • hunt down
    • Search everywhere in order to find someone or something.
      "The police are trying to hunt down the murderer."

  • hurry up
    • Be quick; act speedily.
      "Come on Harry. Hurry up! We're going to miss the bus!

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