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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs relating to WORK

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Back up Make a copy of something. Dont forget to back up your files.
Bring forward Move to an earlier date or time. Can we bring forward the meeting?
Call off Cancel My interview bas been called off.
Close down Stop doing business. The shoe factory has closed down.
Contract out Get work done elsewhere. We contracted out our waste management.
Draw up Prepare a document or plan. Plans have been drawn up for the new theatre.
Fall through Not happen as planned. Let's hope the deal doesn't fall through.
Fill in (for) Replace somebody at work. Jack filled in for Sam when he was ill.
Knuckle down Start to work very hard Let's knuckle down and finish the project.
Lay off Terminate employment The company plans to lay off 100 employees.
Pencil in Note a provisional date or time. The meeting is pencilled in for 9 am next Tuesday.
Phase out Gradually stop Some companies have decided to phase out the purchase of petrol-driven cars.
Pull out of Withdraw from an agreement One of the companies pulled out of the deal yesterday.
Report back (to someone) Give some information to someone Report back to me after the meeting please.
Sell off Sell all or part of a business. The brewery is selling off several pubs.
Sign up Agree to something by signing I've signed up for a computer course.
Be snowed under Have too much work to do I'm snowed under at work these days.
Step down Leave a job to someone else Mr. Brown stepped down as CEO.

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