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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with UP

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Add up Calculate the total amount ”Your purchases add up to 95€.”
Add up Make sense; be logical "Her explanation doesn't add up."
Back up Copy a computer document as a security measure "It is recommended to back up all files for safety purposes."
Back up Support or defend "If I tell the boss we've got too much work, will you back me up?"
Back up Reverse a vehicle towards or against something The car beeped as he backed it up against the wall.
Block up Fill a passage or opening “All the windows have been blocked up in the old building.”
Blow up Explode “A bomb blew up outside the bank.”
Break up Separate; end a relationship “Carla and Alex have broken up.”
Brighten up Lighten “The sky is brightening up a little.”
Brighten up Become happier “Jimmy brightened up as soon as his girlfriend arrived.”
Bring up Raise a child “All parents want to bring up their children as best they can.”
Build up Develop “They’ve built up a thriving business over the past 20 years.”
Burn up Destroy entirely by heat “The whole house burned up in the fire.”
Call up Telephone “Let’s call up the Windsors and invite them over.”
Catch up (with) Reach the same level or standard “She ran very fast so that he wouldn’t catch up with her.”
"After his illness he had to work hard to catch up with the other pupils."
Check up Verify something; make sure that something is ok "I need to check up on a few things before making a decision."
Chop up Cut into small pieces Chop up an onion and add it to the other ingredients.”
Cheer up Make someone happier “Emily looks sad. Let’s see if we can cheer her up.”
Clear up
Clean up
Make a place tidy or clean again “We need to clear up the place before our parents get back.”
Close up Lock the doors of a place “The beach restaurants all close up in winter.”
Crack up Laugh so hard that it hurts “That child says the funniest things – he cracks me up!”
Do up Fasten "You should do up your jacket. It's cold outside."
Draw up Move something closer "My father drew up a chair for the visitor."
Draw up Prepare a document, list or plan "We must make sure the plans are properly drawn up."
Draw up Bring oneself into an erect position Jack drew himself up when his name was called.”
Dress up Wear smarter clothes than usual “There’s no need to dress up. Just come as you are.”
Dress up Wear a costume or disguise "He dressed up in a skeleton for Halloween."
Dry up No longer contain water "The land dried up so it was impossible to grow any crops."
Eat up Finish all your food "You must eat up all your vegetables if you want dessert!"
End up Reach a final result or destination. "We got on the wrong train and ended up in Brighton!"
Fix up Repair or decorate “They had to fix up the apartment before moving in.”
Fix up Arrange something “I’ll fix you up with a golf partner.”
Get up Rise; leave bed "What time do you usually get up in the morning?"
Give up Stop doing something “You’re coughing a lot. You should give up smoking!”
Go up Increase; rise "The price of petrol is expected to go up."
Grow up Spend your childhood "I grew up in a small village."
Grow up Become an adult "Don't be so childish. You need to grow up!"
Heat up Make hotter "I'm going to heat up some soup."
Hold up Delay or make someone wait. "Don't hold up the group. You can ask your questions later!"
Hurry up Move or act more quickly "Hurry up. We're going to miss the bus!"
Keep up Go at the same speed. "Don't walk so fast! I can"t keep up with you."
Mix up Mistake one thing or person for another. "I don't know all their names yet. I tend to mix them up."
Pick up Learn quickly. "The children picked up the language quickly."
Screw up Mishandle or do something badly. "Sam was annoyed because he screwed up his presentation."
Set up Arrange or establish. "Let's set up camp near the river."
"We need to set up a meeting to discuss the problem.
Take up Start to do something. "Dad took up golf when he retired."
Wake up Stop sleeping. "I always wake up early, especially in the summer."
Warm up Gradually increase in intensity e.g. physical activity. "In sports it's important to warm up to avoid injuries."

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