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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs relating to TRAVEL

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Book into Arrange to stay somewhere (hotel, guesthouse...) The agency booked us into a hotel.
Check in Arrive and register at a hotel or airport. You must check in two hours before departure.
Check out Leave a hotel after paying. We checked out at 10 a.m.
Drop off Take someone somewhere (by car). Jack dropped me off at the station.
Get away Escape (e.g. from work) for a break or holiday. I hope to get away for a few days soon.
Get in Arrive What time does your flight get in?
Get on/off Board/leave a bus, train, plane. I must get on/off at the next stop.
Hop on/off (informal) Get on or off a bus, train etc. With a one-day ticket you can hop on and off as you like.
Pack in Manage to do a lot of things. We packed in a lot during our trip.
Pick up Collect someone or something. Sam is picking me up at the airport.
See off Accompany to the station or the airport to say goodbye. My sister came to see me off.
Set off/out Start a journey. It’s a long trip so we’ll set off early.
They are going to set out on a European tour next month.
Stay on Stay longer than intended. The hotel was so nice we decided to stay on for a few days.
Stop over Stay at a place on the way to somewhere else. We stopped over in Singapore on the way to Australia.
Take in Include visits of interest. We managed to take in all the sights during our trip.
Take off Leave the ground/start to fly. The plane took off on time.
Turn back Return towards the place you left. The plane had to turn back because of technical problems.

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