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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs relating to the TELEPHONE

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Call back Return a call If it's Tom, tell him I'll call him back..
Cut off Disconnect abruptly I was cut off before I could finish explaining.
Get back to Return a call When do you think he can get back to me?
Get off Stop talking on the phone I'll ask him as soon as he gets off the phone.
Get through Succeed in reaching someone on the phone She called the train station several times but she couldn't get through.
Hang up End a conversation / put the phone down I know you're angry but please don't hang up.  Let me explain.
Hang on Wait for a short period Hang on a second. I think I've got the address.
Hold on Wait for a short period Hold on a minute please. I'll see if she's free.
Pick up Answer the telephone Can someone pick up the pphone please?
Put through Connect one caller to another I'll put you through to Dr Brown's secretary.
Slow down Speak more slowly You're speaking too fast.  Could you slow down a little please?
Speak up Speak louder I can't hear very well.  Could you speak up?
Switch off Deactivate a mobile or cell phone You couldn't reach me because my phone was switched off.  Sorry about that.

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