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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with 'STAND'

  • stand around/about
    • Spend time waiting or doing nothing or very little.
      “People were standing around waiting for the shops to open."

  • stand aside
    • Leave a position to let someone or something pass.
      "Please stand aside to let the doctor examine the injured man."

  • stand back
    • Keep a distance away from something.
      "Guests were asked to stand back from the bonfire."

  • stand by
    • Be ready and waiting for something to happen.
      "A medical team is standing by waiting for the plane to land."

      Support someone.
      “She stood by her husband throughout the investigation."

  • stand down
    • Leave a job or position to allow someone else to take it.
      "The chairman announced his decision to stand down."

  • stand for
    • Tolerate or accept:
      "The court will not stand for any more interruptions!"

      “VAT stands for ‘value added tax’".

  • stand in for
    • Replace someone temporarily.
      Sophie had to stand in for her boss whose plane was delayed."

  • stand off
    • Reduce in number or size.
      "The doctor told Jack to cut down on cigarettes."

  • stand off
    • Stay at a distance from others (hence the adjective “standoffish”).
      "Stella stood off from the others at the reception."

      Repel someone or something.
      The company hired a security guard to stand off any intruders."

  • stand out
    • Be different from others, or more visible.
      " “With her qualifications, she stood out from the other candidates.”
      Jack is so tall he always stands out in a crowd.”

  • stand over
    • Remain close in order to supervise someone or something.
      "He stood over the barbecue to make sure the steaks didn’t burn."

  • stand up
    • Rise from a sitting position.
      "Be sure to stand up when the headmaster arrives."

  • stand up for
    • Support or defend someone or something.
      "Alex is the sort of guy who will always stand up for his friends."

  • stand up to
    • Resist damage or remain in good condition despite rough treatment.
      "The boat will stand up to the harshest weather conditions."

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