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 English Phrasal Verbs 

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb.
The combination creates a meaning different from the original verb.

Commonly-used phrasal verbs.

 Phrasal Verbs relating to SPORTS 

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Catch up Go faster so that you reach the person in front of you. “He was running so fast that I couldn’t catch up with him.”.
Cheer on Encourage (someone) with shouts or cheers. “Supporters gathered to cheer on the runners.”
Cool down Finish with gentle exercises to prevent injury. “It’s important to cool down after strenuous exercise.”
Keep up (with) Maintain the same pace as someone else. “I did my best to keep up with the other runners.”
Join in Get involved in an activity with other people. “The game seemed such fun that I decided to join in.”
Loosen up Do gentle exercises to prepare for intensive activity. “We watched the players loosen up before the match.”
Take up Start an activity. “I've decided to take up running and join the local running club.”
Warm up A gradual increase in intensity to warm the muscles. “It’s important to warm up in order to avoid injuries.”
Wear out Become tired or exhausted. “The training was so intensive that I was worn out.”
Work off Get rid of something e.g. weight or extra calories. “Let’s go for a walk to work off all that food!”
Work out Do exercise to stay fit or make your body strong. “Tom goes to the gym and works out regularly.”

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