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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with 'SET'

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Set about Begin to do something "She set about tidying the house."
Set apart Have a distinguishing characteristic "The fact that she spoke several languages set her apart from the other candidates."
Set aside Keep for a particular purpose "We always set aside money for the rent."
Set back Delay something "Bad weather set back the construction work."
Set down Record in writing "The rules were set down in a handbook."
Set forth Start a journey "They set forth on their expedition in April."
Set in Take root, begin and continue "It's snowing today. Winter has set in."
"A few months after changing jobs, regret set in."
Set off Start a journey "The hiker set off early in the morning."
Set off Initiate something "Opening a window will set off the alarm."
"Fireworks were set off just before midnight."
Set on/upon Attack "The burglars were set on/upon by the dog."
Set out Begin, with a specific purpose "The detective set out to find the truth."
Set out Outline the details "The contract will set out the terms of our agreement."
"He set out his views in a letter addressed to the Board."
Set up Establish or organize "The hikers set up camp near a lake."
"They set up a meeting to discuss the details."

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