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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with PUSH

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Push ahead Continue with a plan or activity, even if it is difficult. "The developers pushed ahead with plans for the shopping centre.”
Push along Shove forward "She pushed the trolley along the aisle. ”
Push along Leave a place; move on "It’s late. We should be pushing along.”
Push away Show that you do not want something. "The boy pushed away the food on his plate.”
Push around Bully; treat badly "He’s bossy.Don’t let him push you around.”
Push back Delay an appointment or an arrangement "The meeting was pushed back to 11 am. ”
Push by Force your way past "The passengers pushed by each other to get off. ”
Push for Try hard to obtain something "Parents are pushing for a safer road near the school.
Push in Move in front of people already waiting in line. "We were waiting in line for the bus when two teenagers pushed in.
Push off Move away by pushing against the side (e.g. pool or dock) "We pushed off and rowed down the river. ”
Push off! (rude) Go away! "You’re not welcome here so just push off!
Push on Continue doing something with determination. "The hike was long and tiring but the boys pushed on. ”
Push out Force someone to leave. "Susan was pushed out of the committee.”
Push over Make someone or something fall/drop over. "His brother helped him to climb the wall and pushed him over."
Push past Move in front of someone or something forcibly. "The demonstrators tried to push past the barrier. ”
Push through Force a passage through "He pushed through the snow to the gate.”
Push through Force the passage of a law. "The bill was pushed through Parliament.”
Push up Force to rise or increase. "The conflict pushed up the price of petrol.”

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