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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with 'ON'

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Add on (to) Include or attach something extra "Don't forget to add on the delivery charge (to the total amount)."
Bank on Rely, depend or count on "I hope Sam gets the job he applied for. He’s banking on it."
Build on Use as a basis for further progress "We hope to build on the success of the new product."
Carry on Continue or pursue an activity "You can carry on playing the piano while I decorate the tree."
Check on Verify or keep an eye on something or someone "Be sure you check on the baby regularly."
Count on Be confident that you can rely on someone "We live in N°10. You can count on us if ever you need help."
Decide on Choose; reach a final decision "Have you decided on a date for your wedding?”"
Get on (with) Have a good relationship with someone “I’m lucky. I get on well with my mother-in-law!”
Go on Continue or pursue an activity "Don’t let me interrupt you. Please go on."
Hang on/onto Hold firmly "Hang onto the handrail or you might fall!"
Hang on Keep rather than lose "Employment is difficult here so it's advisable to hang on to your job."
Hang on Wait  a moment. "Hang on a second. I've almost finished!"
Hold on Wait a short while "A flight on Friday? Please hold on while I see what’s available"
Hold on (to) Grip firmly "Hold on to the lead or the dog will run away!"
Move on Advance or proceed to the next stage "Let’s move on to the next item on the agenda."
"Could those waiting please move on?"
Pass on Give, transfer or forward a message to someone "Mr. Stern is absent today but I’ll pass on your message to him.”"
Pick on Treat badly or unkindly one person in a group "Bullies often pick on younger children at school."
Pounce on Jump or leap onto something "The cat pounced on the mouse."
Pounce on Attack someone verbally "Don't pounce on me just because I gave my opinion!"
Settle on Choose something after considering several options "Have you settled on a style for your new kitchen?"
Seize on/upon Quickly take advantage of an opportunity "As soon as his wife suggested it, he immediately seized on the idea."
"It is hoped that both sides will seize upon the ceasefire to start negotiations."
Take on Employ or hire people "I’m sorry. We are not taking on any more staff this year.”"
Try on Put on an item of clothing to see if it fits "Excuse me. Where can I try on these trousers please?"
Turn on Activate a device, appliance or machine "Could you turn on the lights please?"
Turn on Interest someone or make someone become interested "Science fiction really doesn't turn me on."

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