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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with 'OFF'

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Back off Retreat "The thugs backed off when they saw the police."
Block off Separate using a barrier. "The area was blocked off during the demonstration."
Break off Stop, discontinue. "It was decided to break off diplomatic relations with them."
"She broke off in the middle of a sentence."
Call off Cancel "The meeting was called off because of the strike."
Come off Be separated from something "The handle came off the suitcase."
Come off Be successful or effective "It looked like a good plan but it didn't come off."
Cut off Discontinue; interrupt "The operator cut off our conversation before we finished."
Cut off Be separated or isolated "Our group got cut off from the others so we got lost!."
Dash off Leave somewhere quickly; hurry away "Harry dashed off before I could take his phone number."
Doze off
(also:nod off)
Fall asleep "Dad often dozes off in front of the television."
Drop off Deliver something or drive someone somewhere "I'll drop you off at the bus stop on my way."
Ease off Reduce or become less severe "The pain eased off with medication."
Fight off Resist someone or something "We had to fight off wasps during the picnic!"
Get off Leave (bus, train, plane) "I'm getting off at the next stop."
Get off Leave work at the end of the day "What time do you get off work?"
Get off Remove something (clothes, stains) "I can't get this stain off my dress!"
Go off Explode; be activated "A bomb went off in a restaurant."
"The alarm clock went off at 6 am."
Go off Stop working "The heating has gone off. It's freezing!"
Head off Leave or start to go somewhere "It's time for us to head off home."
Hold off Delay something "Could you hold off your decision until after the meeting?"
Kick off Start "The football match will kick off at 3 p.m."
Lay off Fire; dismiss; let go "Many factories have had to lay off workers."
Live off Depend on someone for financial support "Until he finds a job he's living off his parents."
Log off End access to a database "First log off the system and then turn off the computer."
Make off (with) Steal and hurry away "A pickpocket made off with my wallet."
Pay off Repay all the money owed "We're relieved to have paid off our loan."
Pay off Be successful "In the end our efforts paid off."
Pay off Pay someone to leave you alone or keep a secret. "It is suspected that some witnesses were paid off to remain silent."
Put off Postpone; delay; arrange a later date "The meeting has been put off until next week because of the strike."
Reel off Recite from memory without effort "Stella reeled off all the phrasal verbs she knew."
Ring off End a phone call "The caller gave his name and then rang off."
Set off Start a journey "Early Saturday morning we set off for the ski slopes."
Set off Initiate something "Opening a window will set off the alarm."
"Fireworks were set off just before midnight."
Start off Begin something "He started off by welcoming everyone."
Show off Boast, brag or want to be admired "There's Donald showing off in his new sports car!"
Take off Leave the ground; begin to fly "The plane took off at 7 o'clock."
Take off Start to become successful or popular "Her career took off after the release of her last album."
Tell off Reprimand; criticise severely "The teacher told her off for not doing her homework."
Turn off Stop by turning a switch, tap or knob "Please remember to turn off the lights before you leave."
Walk off Leave because you are angry or upset "She didn't like being teased and walked off in a huff."
Wear off Gradually disappear "The effect of the painkiller began to wear off."
Wipe off Clean (e.g. board, table) "The teacher asked Tommy to wipe off the board."
Write off Cancel a debt or accept a loss "When XYZ company went bankrupt, we had to write off our investment."

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