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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with MAKE

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Make do with Use something less satisfactory as an alternative. There were no chairs to sit on so we had to make do with a pile of boxes.
Make for Move in the direction of; head for. Let's make for the exit before the crowd starts to leave.
Make fun of Laugh at ; make jokes about. The old lady dresses so strangely that the children make fun of her.
Make (something) into Convert or change into. We're going to make our garage into a playroom
Make of Have an opinion about something. What do you make of his latest suggestion?
Make off with Steal and hurry away. A young man made off with my briefcase while I was checking the timetable.
Make out Be able to hear or read something. I need glasses! I can't make out what's written on the board.
Make out Fill in the details (e.g. cheque). Please make out the cheque to ABC Wizards.
Make out Kiss and behave as lovers (mainly U.S.) At that age boys are only interested in making out with girls.
Make oneself out (to be) Claim or pretend to be. In an attempt to find more details, he made himself out to be a journalist .
Make over Legally make someone the owner of something. Before she died she made over all her property to her children.
Make up Invent (excuse, story). Some employees make up excuses when they arrive late for work.
Make up Prepare a bed for use. You can stay here tonight. I'll make up a bed for you in the spare room.
Make up Form, constitute. In your opinion what qualities make up his character?
Make up Put on powder, lipstick, etc. Cynthia spends ages making herself up/putting on make-up.
Make up with End a quarrel and become friends again. Come on you two! It's time to shake hands and make up.
Make up for Compensate for something. If I work longer the next few days I can make up for the time I was absent.

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