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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with GO

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Go after Pursue (an object or a goal) Emma was encouraged to go after her dreams and now she is an actress.
Go along Continue an activity He added funny details to the story as he went along.
Go along (with) Agree with; accept; support an idea Alex tends to go along with anything his wife says.
Go away Leave a place
We decided to go away for a few days.
Go away Disappear -I still can't get the stain to go away.
-The medication should make the pain go away.
Go back Return Children go back to school after the holidays.
Go by Pass -Put up your hand or the bus will go by without stopping.
-Time goes by so quickly!
Go down Decrease; reduce The price of property has gone down a bit lately.
Go down with Become ill with a disease Half the team has gone down with the 'flu.
Go for Try to achieve or attain Jack trained hard and decided to go for the gold medal.
Go in Enter There's a hotel. Let's go in and book a room.
Go into (+noun) Enter Go into the bakery and see if they sell croissants.
Go into (+ noun) Join or enter a profession Tom decided to go into the army when he left school.
Go in for Have something as a hobby Anne really doesn't go in for sports.
Go off Explode A bomb went off in a crowded restaurant.
Go off Ring/make a loud noise The alarm clock was set to go off at 6 am.
Go off Stop working The heating has gone off. It's freezing in here!
Go off No longer good to eat or drink The milk has gone off. Don't drink it.
Go off No longer like or enjoy My grandmother has gone off doing crosswords.
Go on Continue Sorry for interrupting. Please go on.
Go out Leave one's home to attend a social event Many young people go out a lot.
Go out Stop burning; be extinguished The ights went out before we got to the door.
Go out Be sent The letter went out yesterday.
Go out with Have someone as a boyfriend/girlfriend. Is Julie going out with Tom?
Go over Review Please go over your answers before handing in your paper.
Go up Increase; rise The price of petrol is expected to go up.
Go through Experience Pete went through a lot of pain after the accident.
Go through Examine; study carefully You should go through the contract before signing it.
Go through with Proceed with something Bill and Amy finally went through with the divorce.
Go with/together Match; harmonise with That jacket doesn't go with the skirt.
Go without Abstain from; skip Tony had to go without lunch to finish the report.

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