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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with GET

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Get about/around -Move from place to place.
-Spread, circulate
- Find a way to deal with a difficulty
-It's not easy to get around the city without a map.
-News of their separation soon got about/got around.
-How can we get around the transport problem?
Get along/on (with) Be on good terms with someone I get on/along (well) with my mother-in-law.
Get at Imply or suggest something What exactly are you trying to get at?
Get away Escape The robbers got away in a black car.
Get by Manage to cope or survive with the bare essentiels. It's difficult to get by on a low salary.
Get by Be able to pass or overtake Roadworks are blocking the roundabout. No cars can get by.
Get down Descend; drop lower -Get down off that table Billy!
-Get down! He's got a gun!
Get down to Actually start something It's time to get down to some serious work.
Get in/out Enter/leave How did the burglars get in/get out?
Get into (+noun) Enter a place How did the burglar get into the house?
Get on/off Board/leave (bus, train, plane ...) You pay when you get on the bus, not when you get off.
Get on with Continue to do something Be quiet and get on with your homework!
Get on with Be on good terms Hugo doesn't get on with his new colleague.
Get out of Avoid doing something Some husbands manage to get out of doing the dishes.
Get over Recover from (ilness, disappointment ...) Charlie was very disappointed with the result but he got over it.
Get rid of Eliminate It's difficult to get rid of old habits.
Get round (to) Fine the necessary time to do something I finally got round to making the list I promised.
Get together Meet each other Let's get together for lunch one day.
Get up Rise; leave bed What time do you usually get up in the morning?

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