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 English Phrasal Verbs 

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb.
The combination creates a meaning different from the original verb.

Commonly-used phrasal verbs.

 Phrasal Verbs relating to FOOD  

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Bolt down Eat food quickly "She bolted down a sandwich and rushed back to work."
Boil down Heat a liquid until the volume is reduced "Let the mixture boil down until it thickens."
Boil over Flow over the sides of the container while boiling "Make sure the milk doesn’t boil over!”"
Chop up Cut into small pieces “First, chop up the tomatoes and onions.”
Cool down Allow hot food to become cool enough to eat "Let the tart cool down before serving."
Cut back (on) Eat or drink less of a particular thing "The doctor told me to cut back on salty food."
Cut out Stop eating or consuming something completely "I’ve decided to cut out sugar and snacks from now on."
Dig in
Dive in
Tuck in
Start eating "This looks absolutely delicious so let’s dig in!"
Dish up Put food on plates and serve "I'll open the wine while you dish up."
Drain off Remove the liquid used for cooking "Drain off the spagetti and add the sauce."
Eat out Eat outside your home, especially in a restaurant "Would you like to eat out tonight for a change?"
Eat up
Finish up
Finish eating the food you have been given "You’ll have no dessert until you eat up your vegetables!"
Force down Make yourself eat or drink something with difficulty "To be polite I forced down the oysters and smiled at my hosts."
Gobble up Eat all of something very quickly and eagerly. "The child gobbled up everything on the plate!"
Mix in Add one substance or ingredient to others "Mix in a tablespoonful of cream before serving."
Pick at
Peck at
Unwillingly eat only small amounts of food "She has lost her appetite. She just picks at her food."
Pig out Eat excessively (usually rich or unhealthy food) "The boys tend to pig out on junk food when they go out!"
Polish off Finish the remaining food or drink "Alex had no trouble polishing off the chocolate mousse!"
Pour out Fill glasses or cups with something "While she poured out the tea, I passed around the biscuits and cakes."
Put away Eat or drink a surprisingly large amount of something "He managed to put away a bottle of wine as if it was water!."
Top up Add more drink to someone's glass or cup "Would you like me to top up your wine?"
Toy with Keep touching pieces of food and moving them around while your thoughts are elsewhere "They sat there toying with their food while waiting for the results."
Warm up
Heat up
Make cooked food hot again after it has become cold "I often make casseroles that I can warm up if my husband arrives home late."
Whip up Prepare a dish or a meal very quickly "My mother can whip up a meal in no time!"
Wolf down Eat food quickly and hungrily "The hikers wolfed down the food as if they were starving!"

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