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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with FALL

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Fall about Laugh so much that your entire body moves uncontrollably. “Every time he told the joke people would fall about laughing.”
Fall apart Disintegrate; break; fall into pieces. "My car is so old it's falling apart."
Fall back on Be able to use something in an emergency. "We were lucky to have some tinned food to fall back on."
Fall behind Fail to maintain a certain level. “Because of the accident she fell behind at school and had to work harder."
Fall down Lose one's balance and fall to the ground or floor. "The baby tried to walk but fell down several times."
Fall for Be attracted to somebody or begin to be in love. "While on holiday she fell for a handsome young man."
Fall for Be deceived into believing something. "Steve fell for the story about free tickets for the football match."
Fall in Collapse inwards. "The roof of the supermarket fell in and many customers were injured."
Fall off Become detached or separate from something. "The handle fell off the door as he tried to open it."
Fall out Become loose and drop. "Dad’s hair is starting to fall out."
Fall out Stop being friends. “Emma and Julie fell out during the school trip.”
Fall through Fail; not happen as planned. "Our planned boat trip fell through because of the storm."
Fall to Become the responsibility or duty of someone (e.g. a task). "It fell to me to announce the bad news."

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