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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs relating to EDUCATION

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Catch up Reach the same stage or level that others have reached. “Pablo has missed some English classes so he’ll have to catch up."
Copy out Write something exactly as it was originally written. "Please copy out the entire poem."
Drop out (of) Stop attending classes before finishing a course or a school year. "Emily dropped out of art classes after the first term."
Fall behind Fail to maintain a certain level. "As a result of the accident Alex fell behind at school."
Go over Review; check something carefully "Please go over your answers before handing in your test."
Hand in Submit finished work to a person in authority. “All exam papers must be handed in as soon as the bell rings.”
Hand out Distribute; give things to other members of a group. “Can you hand out the homework please?”
Read up on Get information on a subject by reading books about it. “Sam went to the library to read up on World War II.”
Reel off Recite without effort or pause. "Stella reeled off all the phrasal verbs she could think of."
Sail through Succeed in something without difficulty. “Enzo sailed through the English test.”
Sign up (for) Register; add your name to the official list “Don’t forget to sign up for the course.”
Stay behind Remain in the classroom after the others leave. “Some pupils had to stay behind to finish their work.”
Sum up Summarize “It’s always a good idea to sum up the main points.”
Take up Start doing a new activity. “I’ve decided to take up Chinese this year.”
Work out Find a solution or calculate something. "The pupils tried to work out the problem without help.”
Write down Note something on a piece of paper. “The students wrote down the list of books they would need.”

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