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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with 'DOWN'

  • back down
    • Stop defending your position.
      "Jenny never backs down. She loves debating and usually wins."

  • boil down
    • Be reduced to the' essential.
      "The problem all boils down to a lack of money."

  • break down
    • Stop functionning; go out of order.
      "John's car broke down on the way to the airport."

      Lose control of one's emotions
      "The parents broke down when they heard the news."

  • calm down
    • Become more relaxed or less angry/upset.
      "Joe was angry at first, but he eventually calmed down."

  • close down
    • Stop operating (company, restaurant, cinema ...).
      "When the factory closed down, the employees lost their jobs."

  • cut down
    • Strike down, cut at the base.
      "Some trees were cut down before the construction work began."

  • cut down on
    • Reduce in number or size.
      "The doctor told Jack to cut down on cigarettes."

  • die down
    • Become less strong; diminish in intensity.
      "When the applause died down, she started to sing."

  • draw down on
    • Take money from a reserve or fund.
      "We can draw down on the loan when necessary."

  • fall down
    • Fall to the ground or floor.
      "The baby tried to walk but fell down several times."

  • go down
    • Decrease; reduce.
      "The price of property has gone down a bit since last year."

  • hand down
    • Pass something on to someone else (usually to a younger member of the family).
      "My clothes were always handed down to me by my older sister."
      "The ring was handed down to her by her mother."

  • hunt down
    • Search everywhere for someone or something until found.
      "The police are trying to hunt down the murderer."

  • jot down
    • Take a quick note of something.
      "The writer jotted down a few ideas during the train journey."

  • kneel down
    • Go down on your knees.
      "Most people kneel down to pray."

  • knock down
    • Strike someone or something to the ground.
      "The child was knocked down by a car on the way to school."

      Reduce the original price.
      "The salesman agreed to knock down the price."

  • let down
    • Disappoint; not keep a promise.
      "You promised to come to our barbecue, so don't let us down!"

      Lengthen (skirt, trousers …)
      "The skirt is too short? We can have it let down for you if you like."

  • look down on
    • Consider as inferior.
      "He tends to look down on anyone who is not successful."

  • mark down
    • Lower the price.
      "The coat was marked down by 40% - a real bargain!"

  • nail down
    • Fasten or secure something with a nail.
      "First let’s nail down the shelf, then we’ll paint it."

      Force someone to set a fixed date, time, amount; etc.
      "We need to get him to nail down a date for the meeting."

  • play down
    • Make something appear less important or less serious.
      "The government tried to play down the gravity of the situation."

  • set down
    • Record in writing
      "The rules were set down in a handbook."

  • settle down
    • Lead a regular life, have a regular job, get married, etc.
      "Usually people in their thirties begin to settle down."

  • slow down
    • Reduce speed; go more slowly.
      "George! You're going to cause an accident. Slow down!"

  • track down
    • Search for someone or something until found
      "The main suspect was finally tracked down by the police."

  • turn down
    • Lower the sound.
      "Please turn down the music; it's too loud."

      Refuse or reject (a proposal, an offer, an invitation …)
      "It would be silly to turn down a generous offer like that!"

  • water down
    • Make weaker or dilute by adding water
      "If you water down the medicine, it will be easier to take."

      Make less forceful, severe or extreme.
      "The proposal was watered down after it was rejected the first time."

  • wear down
    • Make someone feel weary or tired.
      "Katie is exhausted. The baby's constant crying is wearing her down."

  • wolf down
    • Eat greedily and quickly
      "The boys were obviously hungry. They wolfed down the whole cake in no time!"

  • write down
    • Make a note of something in writing.
      "Richard wrote down the address of the hotel."

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