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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with COME

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Come about Happen or occur. "How did such a complicated situation come about? "
Come across Find by chance.

Julie came across some photographs of her grandparents in the attic.
Come across Appear or seem; make an impression. The candidate came across as a dynamic person during the interview.
Come along Accompany someone; go somewhere with someone.

"Alex decided to come along with me to watch the parade."
Come along Tell someone to hurry. "Come along Emily. You don't want to be late for school!"
Come along Arrive, appear. "Tony needs a job. If an opportunity comes along he's determined to seize it."
Come along Improve, develop or make progress. "How's your mother coming along since she broke her leg?"
Come apart Separate into pieces. "I need to get my glasses repaired. They came apart when they fell off the table."
Come around Change one's opinion; finally accept someone's way of thinking. I think the supplier will come around to our way of seeing things.
Come back Return. He hopes his son will come back one day.
Come before Be more important than.
Carla always says that her family comes before her career.
Come by Manage to get, especially something that is difficult to obtain or find. "How did you come by such a beautiful location to build your house?"
Come down with Become ill with. The architect planned to attend the inauguration but he came down with the 'flu yesterday.
Come forward Present oneself; volunteer. The police have asked any witnesses to come forward.
Come off Become detached from something; break off; fall off. A button came off my jacket.
Come out Become known.
The truth will come out sooner or later. It's just a matter of time.
Come to - Regain consciousness.

- Reach a total amount
- The woman fainted when she heard the news but she came to quite quickly.
- "Let's see... two coffees and two orange juices, that comes to 7€ please."
Come up Appear, occur or present itself unexpectedly. -"The subject came up at the meeting."
- "Sorry I'm late. Something came up at the last minute."
Come up against Be faced with or opposed by (a reaction). The plan to demolish the old theatre came up against a lot of criticism.
Come up with Produce a plan or idea. Sacha came up with a great idea for the party.
Come upon Find or discover. The police came upon a stock of firearms in a disused mine.

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