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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with CALL

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Call after Give a newborn baby the same name as someone else. The baby is called after his grandfather.
Call at Stop somewhere briefly (ship, train, etc.) The train calls at Oxbridge and Glenville.
Call away Ask someone to leave a place. The doctor was called away for an emergency.
Call back Return a phone call. I'll call you back as soon as possible.
Call for Go somewhere to get someone.
Tom said he would call for her at 8 o'clock.
Call for Demand that something be done. The authorities called for an investigation.
Call for Be required or necessary. The job calls for excellent computer skills.
Call for Be an appropriate occasion. The good news calls for champagne!
Call forth Produce a reaction or result.
The speech called forth an angry reaction.
Call forth Evoke or make you think of something. That song calls forth sad memories.
Call in Make a phone call to a place. Eva called in to say that she was ill.
Call in Ask someone to come and do a job. He called in the plumber to repair the leak.
Call in (on) Stop and pay a visit to someone. Jack called in on his parents yesterday.
Call off Cancel The picnic was called off due to the storm.
Call on/upon Formally request or invite I now call on the President to address the assembly.
Call out Shout something He called out my name but I didn't answer.
Call round Go to a place to see someone. The nurse said she would call round to see my mother.
Call up Phone someone Tom has a list of people to call up today.
Call up Summon for military service. My grandfather was called up to active duty in 1940.

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