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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs relating to BUSINESS

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Close down Stop operating; cease business “The plant will close down at the end of the year."
Contract out Arrange for work to be done elsewhere. "It would be simpler to contract out the delivery service."
Draw up Prepare a document or plan "The architect has drawn up plans for the new offices."
Fall through Fail; not happen as planned. “Let's hope the deal doesn't fall through.”
Lay off Terminate employment “The factory plans to lay off 100 workers..”
Open up Start doing business "If you plan to open up a store, a good location is essentiel.
"The country has opened up its oil industry to foreign investment."
Phase out Gradually stop or eliminate something "The product will be phased out before the end of the year."
Pull out of Withdraw; stop being involved “Our partner pulled out of the deal at the last minute.”
Put back Postpone to a later date. “The scheduled opening was put back until next month.”
Sell off Sell at a reduced porice "The shop is selling off all the remaining stock before closing down."
Set up Organize or arrange something "Let's set up a conference call with our supplier."
Sign up (to) Join something by registering “Many visitors sign up to our newsletter.”
Step down Resign from a job or position “The chairman was forced to step down due to bad health.”
Take off Be successful “The new product took off as soon as it was launched.”
Take over Take control of a company (by buying its shares) “The group has decided to take over one of its competitors.”
Team up (with) Join forces with someone in order to work together. Teaming up with a foreign distributor should help to increase sales. ”
Wind up Finish; bring to an end “Let's wind up the meeting. It's getting late.”
Work out Find a solution or calculate something. "The committee tried to work out how to solve the problem.”
Write off Cancel the record of a bad debt “We’ll never get paid so we’ve decided to write off the debt.”

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