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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with BRING

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Bring about Cause something to happen "The arrival of electricity brought about a huge change in rural areas.”
Bring along Take someone/something with you “You can bring a friend along if you like.”
Bring around Change someone’s way of thinking “It took some time to bring my colleague around to my point of view.”
Bring back Return something “You may borrow my dictionary but don’t forget to bring it back!”
Bring down 1) Make something fall or collapse
2) Make something cheaper
1) “The recent scandal brought down the government.”
2) “Increased sales have brought down the price of hybrid cars.”
Bring forth Cause or generate something "The proposed measures brought forth a series of protests."
Bring forward Make something happen earlier than was previously planned “The afternoon meeting was brought forward to 9 a.m.”
Bring in 1) Involve a person in a discussion or investigation
2) Introduce a new system or law
1) “It was decided to bring in an expert to estimate the damage.”
2) “New sanitary measures were brought in when the virus emerged."
Bring off Succeed in doing something difficult “I didn’t think you'd succeed but you brought it off! Well done!”
Bring on Cause something to happen or appear “The skin rash was brought on by stress.”
Bring out 1) Publish or release a new product
2) Reveal or highlight something
1) “The manufacturer is going to bring out a new electric car this year.”
2) “The teacher tries to bring out the best in all the students.”
Bring over Take someone or something from one place to another "Tomorrow I'll bring over the book I mentioned to you."
Bring round/around Make someone regain consciousness "She lost consciousness for a short while but the doctors managed to bring her round."
Bring up 1) Mention something
2) Raise children
1) “Don’t bring up the subject with my mother or she’ll get annoyed.”
2) “The children were brought up by very strict parents.”

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