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English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with ALONG

To sing some music while someone else is singing or playing the same piece of music
Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Be along Arrive "There's hope! The technician said he would be along soon."
Get along (with) Be on good terms with someone "She gets along (well) with her colleagues."
Go along (with) - Agree with or support an idea
- Accompany someone
"Alex tends to go along with anything his wife says."
"My husband is going to China and I’m going along with him."
Grind along Progress in a slow and steady way "There’s been an accident but the traffic is grinding along."
Happen along Arrive or occur by chance "I would have had to sleep on the road when my wheel broke if a lorry hadn’t happened along.
Move along Advance forward (often said as a command) "“Move along” said the policeman to the bystanders."
Muddle along Act in a confused way, with no plan or a clear purpose "His brother never found a steady job and just muddled along."
Pass along Give or convey something to another person "Would you please pass along the information to those absent today ?"
Play along (with) Pretend to agree with someone "The police decided to play along with the hostage-taker while they were assessing the situation."
Run along Go away/get out of my way (typically said to children) "Run along now, all of you ! I need to concentrate !"
Scrape along Live with barely enough money "He managed to scrape along with very little money until he found a job."
Sing along (with) Sing while someone else is singing or playing the same piece of music. "While the band played her favourite tune, Alice sang along with them."
String along Let someone continue to believe something false "If you’re not in love with her, then tell her so. Don’t string her along."
Tag along Follow a person or group, especially when not invited "Tony doesn’t want his little brother to tag along when he goes out with his friends."
Take along Bring with you "The beach party will be fun! Sam’s going to take along his guitar."
Trundle along Move slowly “The old man trundled along the road with his wheelbarrow.”

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