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 New Words in English 

New words and terms coined in recent years,
beginning with 'V', 'W' and 'Z'


  • vape / vaping
    • Simulate smoking by inhaling and exhaling vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.
  • videophile
    • Person who is very interested in watching videos and making recordings, and values high-quality results.
  • viral marketing
    • Marketing strategy that consists in encouraging people to pass along information to friends, family and colleagues through e-mail messages, blogs, video-sharing, etc., so that the marketing message spreads like a virus.
  • virtual happy hour
    • A group of friends or colleagues having a Zoom chat with a few drinks, each in their own home due to pandemic restrictions.
  • vook
    • A combination of video, text, images and social streams in an electronic book.


  • wave pool
    • A large swimming pool with a machine for producing waves.
  • web rage
    • Anger or frustration as a result of difficulties or problems encountered when using the Internet.
  • webinar
    • Presentation or seminar conducted over the web.
  • weblish
    • A form of English that is used on the web (use of abbreviations, acronyms, small letters, absence of punctuation and hyphens etc.). Also known as : webspeak, netspeak, internetese.
  • WFH
    • Working from home/ home-based teleworking. (Working outside the employers’ premises or workplace during the Coronavirus pandemic.)
  • widget
    • Blend of 'window' and 'gadget'.
      A small application or tool that can be installed and executed within a web page.
  • wiki
    • A web page which allows multiple users to contribute to its content. The most well-known is the website Wikipedia.
  • winterval
    • Blend of 'winter' and 'festival'. A festival that takes place in winter.
  • wordle
    • The words of a piece of text arranged into a sort of graphic. The more frequent a particular word appears in the text, the bigger its size in the wordle. (Also called 'word cloud' or 'text cloud'.)


  • zoombombing
    • Breaking into conference calls etc. with graphic content, or the unwanted presence of a person on a video chat, usually in the meeting program Zoom.
  • zumba
    • A fitness activity which combines lively international music with dance exercises.
  • zumping (a blend of 'zoom' and 'dumping')
    • Breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend over video chat.

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