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 New Words in English 

New words and terms coined in recent years,
beginning with 'O', 'P', Q' and 'R'


  • offshorable
    • Something that can be done or produced in another country, especially at reduced costs.
  • OH
    • Abbreviation of 'other half', a person's wife, husband or partner.
  • omnishambles
    • A badly-managed situation, especially in politics, in which poor judgment results in blunders and miscalculations with potentially disastrous consequences.
  • onesie
    • A one-piece garment for adults, rather like a baby’s sleeping suit, usually made of soft material and worn for relaxing or sleeping.
  • optics
    • The way a situation appears to the general public and the possible effects of this, for exampe the good or bad optics of a political measure.
  • outernet
    • Traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television) as opposed to the internet.
  • overparenting
    • Being excessively protective of one's children in order to guarantee their safety and ensure their success in life.
  • oversharing
    • Providing too much information on the Internet (credit card details, personal information, etc.) especially through social network sites.
  • overworking class
    • A segment of today's working population where there is a desire or need to work long hours.
  •  P 

  • password fatigue
    • Being tired of having to remember a large number of passwords for different electronic devises.
  • password wallet
    • An online service where a person’s passwords can be stored and managed.
  • paywall
    • A system which restricts access to a website, or certain webpage content, to users who have paid a subscription.
  • phablet
    • Blend of 'phone' and 'tablet'.
      A large smartphone that can be used like a tablet computer.
  • photobomb
    • Intrude into the background of a photograph just before it is taken.
  • pig ear / pig's ear
    • Pieces of metal fixed to the edge of low walls, ledges, benches, steps etc. in urban areas to prevent skateboarders from sliding or jumping on them. These are also called “skateboard deterrents” or “skatestoppers”.
  • pixie cut
    • A short hairstyle for women in which the hair is cut around the ears and cropped in layers so as to create a tousled effect.
  • podcast
    • Derived from 'pod' (from Ipod) and 'broadcast'.
      A digital file (radio, audio etc.) available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device.
  • post-truth
    • Relating to a situation in which arguments based on emotions and beliefs are more readily accepted by the public than those based on facts and logic, for example post-truth politics.
  •  Q 

  • quarantini
    • A regular Martini that you drink alone in your home because of Coronavirus restrictions.
  • quintastic
    • A blend of the adjective 'fantastic' and the prefix 'quin'.
      An informal way of referring to a person who is aged fifty or over but remains sexy, smart, energetic and successful, especially someone famous.
  • rat tail
    • A hairstyle, usually for men, with a long thin strip of hair growing down from the back of the head, with the rest of the head shaved or the hair cut short.
  • reality soap
    • A TV show featuring members of the public and aimed at showing how ordinary people behave in everyday life.
  • recessionista
    • Popular new term for a person who succeeds in dressing stylishly on a tight budget.
  • remote workers/remote working
    • Working outside the employers’ premises or workplace, often from home, because of pandemic restrictions.
  • remote schooling
    • Education that relies on the Internet for teacher/student interaction and the distribution of class materials.
  • ringtone
    • The sound made by a mobile or cell phone to indicate an incoming call.
  • road rage
    • Aggressive habits often resulting in violence against other drivers.
  • robocall
    • Commercial telemarketing call which plays a recorded message.

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