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  ENGLISH GRAMMAR for ESL learners  



Present and Past Tense Revision
Present Simple
  • Routine, habits, repetitive actions :
    • I play tennis every Saturday.
  • Tastes :
    • I like chocolate, I hate doing homework.
  • Facts :
    • The sun rises in the east.
Present Continuous
  • Continuous actions :
    • at the time of speaking
      - I am reading this explanation now.
    • around now :
      - I am learning English this year.

  • Planned future arrangements :
    • Emma is visiting Rome next Monday.
Present Perfect
  • Continuous form:
    • An action started in the past that continues today :
      - We have been learning English since September.

  • Simple form :
    •  The completed or finished part of that action :
      - We have already revised grammar rules and verb tenses.
Past Simple
  • Finished actions at a specific finished time in the past.
    • Last year Tom bought a new car.
    • I saw your dog 5 minutes ago.
Past Continuous
  • Continuous actions
    • A continuous action at a specific time in the past :
      - I was having breakfast at 7 o'clock this morning.

    • A continuous action taking place when another brief event
      occurred :
      - Tony was watching television when the phone rang.
Past Perfect
  • Continuous form:
    • A past continuous action prior to another event in the past:
      - She had been driving for 3 hours before she stopped.

  • Simple form :
    • A completed action before another action in the past :
      - I had finished the book before I gave it to Tom.

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