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  ENGLISH GRAMMAR for ESL learners  

 Irregular Verbs - page 2

The Past Simple and Past Participle of irregular verbs in English.

Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

Verb Past Simple Past Participle
make made made
mean meant meant
meet met met
pay paid paid
put put put
read read read
ride rode ridden
ring rang rung
rise rose risen
run ran run
say said said
see saw seen
seek sought sought
sell sold sold
send sent sent
set set set
sew sewed sewn
shake shook shaken
shine shone shone
shoot shot shot
show showed shown
shrink shrank shrunk
shut shut shut
sing sang sung
sink sank sunk
sit sat sat
sleep slept slept
slide slid slid
speak spoke spoken
spell spelt spelt
spend spent spent
spill spilled/spilt spilled/spilt
spit spat spat
spoil spoilt spoilt
spring sprang sprung
stand stood stood
steal stole stolen
stick stuck stuck
stink stank stunk
swear swore sworn
swim swam swum
swing swung swung
take took taken
teach taught taught
tear tore torn
tell told told
think thought thought
throw threw thrown
understand understood understood
wake woke woken
wear wore worn
win won won
write wrote written


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Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

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