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Verbs followed by the infinitive in English,
for example: want to go.

Some verbs are followed by the infinitive (ex : agree to do ).
These verbs take the pattern: verb + to + infinitive
Here is a list of some of those verbs, but there are many more.

afford agree appear arrange ask
attempt beg begin can't bear* can't stand*
care cease choose claim consent
continue decide demand deserve determine
endeavour expect fail forget* happen
hasten hate hesitate hope intend
learn like* love manage mean
need neglect offer plan prepare
prefer pretend proceed promise propose
refuse regret* remember* start* stop*
struggle seem strive swear tend
threaten try* undertake vow wait
want wish would like volunteer yearn

* These verbs can be followed by both the infinitive and the gerund. More here

Some verbs are followed by a noun (or pronoun) and the infinitive with 'to'.
They take the pattern: verb + noun + infinitive
  • She asked Charlie to write to his grandmother.
  • He advised her to go to the doctor.
The verb dare can be followed by the infinitive with or without 'to':
  • She didn't dare (to) ask for permission to leave early.

Some verbs are followed by the infinitive without 'to'. See bare infinitives.

See also: -Gerund vs Infinitive
 -When can we use both?

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