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English Grammar  


Set phrases or groups of words, introduced with the preposition 'in'.

Prepositional phrases are set phrases or groups of words introduced by a preposition.

Below are some examples of commonly-used propositional phrases with 'IN', with their meaning and a sentence showing how they are used.

Prepositional phrase Meaning Example
In action In the process of doing something. It’s amazing to see the sculptor in action.
In addition (to) Extra, something more We get a bonus at the end of the year, in addition to our salary.
In advance Ahead of time; earlier Passengers should book well in advance.
In agreement (with) Have the same opinion as someone else We were in agreement with his analysis.
In brief In a few words Well, in brief, the family get-together was a disaster!
In any case Whatever may happen I don’t know what the decision will be but in any case I’ll let you know.
In case As a provision Take a sweater in case it gets cold.
In case of In the event of In case of fire, press the red button
In charge of Responsible for Eva is in charge of the sales department.
In common (with) Share the same interests;
have similar characteristics
I have a lot in common with my best friend.
In comparison (with) When compared to The cat eats very little in comparison with the dog!
In control (of) Have the power to make decisions His son is now in control of the company.
In danger At risk; the possibility of something bad happening She is ill but her life is not in danger.
In debt Owe something, especially money I can’t lend you the money because I’m in debt myself!
In detail Thoroughly; item by item; He described in detail how the accident happened.
In difficulty Having problems Don't hesitate to call if you find yourself in difficulty.
In disguise Wearing a disguise; wearing something that makes you look like something else Two men in disguise attacked the bank in broad daylight.
In doubt Uncertain; hesitant I’m in doubt about his ability to take control.
In exchange for Giving one thing and receiving another in return. The boy mows the lawn in exchange for his pocket money.
In fact Expression used to emphasise the truth of something said. I don't mind walking. In fact I'm a keen walker.
In fashion Trendy, popular Bright colours are in fashion this year.
In favour of Support something; approve of She voted in favour of the proposal.
In general On the whole; globally The children can be noisy but in general they behave well.
In a hurry Not have much time I can’t wait any longer. I’m in a hurry.
In moderation Without excess; within reasonable limits. I don't diet; I just eat and drink in moderation.
In no time Very quickly. If we walk faster we'll get there in no time.
In pain Suffering physically The injured soldier was obviously in pain.
In private Without the presence of other people I'd like to speak to you in private.
In return To compensate for what you receive. He helps with the garden and my mother gives him vegetables in return.
In secret Without others knowing Laura told me in secret that she had found a new job.
In tears Crying The child fell and came home in tears.
In the air A feeling that something is happening There was panic in the air immediately after the blast.
In the end Finally; on reflection In the end he acknowledged his error.
In the meantime Meanwhile; during the time before something happens. Tom''s computer will be repaired tomorrow. In the meantime he can use mine.
In person Actually present The actor will be there in person to receive the prize.
In stock Available for sale or use. When an article is in stock, it is available in the store or warehouse for purchase now.

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