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English Grammar

AT - ON - IN

When to use the prepositions 'at', 'on' and 'in'.

The use of the prepositions 'at', 'on' and 'in' can sometimes be confusing for learners of English.
The table below show examples of how and when to use them.

  AT - ON - IN
  Space or Location Time Other
 AT  David is waiting at the bank. At 9 o'clock Anne is good at English.
I saw Mary at work. At the age of 18. Look at that car!
The plane landed at the airport. At dawn. The golfer aimed at the flag.
At a specific address:
(at 10 Downing St.)
At night Laugh at a joke.
 ON  The bank is on Oxford street. On December 25th. On television./ On the radio.
The offices are on 5th Avenue. On the day we arranged. On the phone.
The book is on the desk. On Sunday On the computer.
Don't walk on the grass. On my birthday. On holiday(s)/on sale/on fire...
 IN  He lives in New York. In 2021. She writes in English.
She works in advertising. In a minute, a month, a year, the future, the past. He is in good humour.
The children are in the garden. In the morning, the afternoon,the evening. They are in danger.
The desk is in the office. In winter, spring, summer, autumn. We are in good health.

Harry and Sally met each other at a barbecue while they were on holidays. They live in the same town so they arranged to meet again at the cinema at 6 o'clock on the following Saturday. The cinema is on the main street in the town centre. Later in the evening they had dinner in an Italian restaurant on the square.

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