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English Grammar  


Adjectives repeated to emphasize continuous increase or decrease.

Repeated comparative adjectives are used to describe actions or things that are gradually increasing or decreasing.

- Short adjectives:
Add ‘er’ and separate the adjectives with ‘and’ , e.g. darker and darker.

- Long adjectives:
Use ‘more and more’ or ‘less and less’ + adjective, e.g. more and more difficult.

  • The teacher had to try harder and harder to keep the children calm. They were becoming more and more agitated.

  • Fewer and fewer people came to the meetings. They became less and less interested in the movement.

More examples:

  • Little by little, with regular exercise,  he got fitter and fitter.
  • As the company grew, the founder became richer and richer.
  • The weather is changing. It’s getting colder and colder.
  • Young people are waiting longer and longer to get married.
  • As I carried the boy upstairs he became heavier and heavier.
  • People are complaining. The cost of living is getting higher and higher.
  • My mother’s eyesight is deteriorating. It’s getting poorer and poorer.
  • The good news is that fewer and fewer students are dropping out of college.
  • A storm is coming. You can see the waves getting bigger and bigger.
  • More people arrived and the noise got louder and louder.
  • Nowadays young people seem to be more and more aggressive.
  • As the date approached she became more and more nervous.
  • As I listened I became more and more convinced that the story was true.
  • At first I found the film boring, then it became more and more interesting.
  • As her success grew, she became more and more temperamental!
  • Due to his illness my grandfather has become less and less autonomous.
  • She’s usually chatty, but as the day went by she was less and less talkative.
  • When he moved to another channel he was less and less successful.
  • As business expanded, our working hours became less and less flexible.
  • When he left office he became less and less influential.

See also: comparative and superlative adjectives

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