Grammar Exercise

WISH - IF ex: Answers



1. I don't speak Chinese and I regret that.
 → I wish I spoke Chinese.

2. Tom didn't work hard last year and now he's sorry.
→ Tom wishes he had worked hard (or harder) last year.

3. The children are shouting and I'd like them to stop.
 → I wish the children would stop shouting.

4. Sophie isn't rich enough to buy an apartment otherwise she would.
 → If Sophie were rich enough, she would buy an apartment.

5. My car broke down on Sunday and I regret that that happened.
 → I wish my car hadn't broken down on Sunday.

6. In your position I think you should have a check-up once a year.
 → If I were you, I'd have a check-up once a year.

7.  It would be better if the rain stopped.
 → I wish it would stop raining.

8. I don't have any cake to offer you and I'm sorry about that .
 → I wish I had some cake to offer you.

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