Grammar Exercise



Choose the correct verb to complete the sentences below.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. She __________ to live in the country.
a) enjoys b) used c) is used d) would rather

2. Jane _______________ to look for a job
a) has decided b) is thinking c) had better d) made him

3. The children _______________ cleaning the house.
a) were made b) expect you c) are trying d) don't mind

4. The owner _______________ him to go.
a) stopped b) wanted c) hoped d) let

5. Tom _______________ to come home early.
a) remember her b) succeeded c) is looking forward d) reminded her

6. The marketing director ______________ meeting Alex.
a) avoided b) managed c) happened d) helped her

7. A member of the team _______________ to do it.
a) couldn't help b) stopped c) wasn't capable d) saw him

8. They succeeded _______________ the report in time for the meeting.
a) to send b) by completing c) in finishing d) to provide

 Answers :
1. (b)  | 2. (a)  | 3. (d)  | 4. (b)  | 5. (d)  6. (a)  | 7. (b)  | 8. (c) 

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