used to / to be used to / to get used to

Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to/to be-to get used to, with the verb in brackets.
Example: The traffic doesn't bother me. I am used to living in the city. (to live)
1. Long ago people long distances on foot (to travel)

2. He has lived in France for many years. He on the right. (to drive)

3. It took her quite a long time to spicy food. (to eat)

4. When I was young I tennis twice a week. (to play)

5. He's the boss so he the most important decisions. (to make)

6. If you go to live in the UK you'll have to tea. (to drink)

7. She gym classes but she doesn't have time now.(to attend)

8. Women in this country the same rights as men. (to have)

9. In his country the climate is cooler. He has to in a hotter climate. (to live)

10. Tom and Jane well - before Tom's mother came to live with them.(to get on)