Gapfill exercise

Change the sentences below from direct to indirect or reported speech by filling in the gaps.
Example: Direct Speech : Jane : "I'm going to the beach with Tarzan."
  Reported Speech: Jane said she was going to the beach with Tarzan.
1. Emma : "I am very tired."
    Emma said very tired.

2. Guest : "You have a beautiful home."
    The guest said we a beautiful home.

3. Matt : "I left home at seventeen."
    Matt said left home at seventeen.

4. Tom : "I'm going to cook dinner."
    Tom said to cook dinner.

5. Jeff : "I have travelled around the world"
    Jeff said he around the world.

6. Eva : "I will call my parents on Sunday."
    Eva said she parents on Sunday.

7. Alex : "Where did you buy the book?"
    Alex asked me where I the book.

8. Teacher: "Sit down Tom."
    The teacher Tom .

9. Customer : "I'm going to speak to the manager."
    The customer said he/she to speak to the manager.

10 Dad: I will pick you up at the station.
    Dad said he at the station.