Present Simple or Present Continuous

Gapfill exercise

Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the verb in brackets
(present simple or present continuous),
then press "Check" to check your answers.

Reminder :     Present Simple : I go         Present Continuous : I am going
1. Every day Julie (take) the bus to go to her office.

2. At the moment you (do) an English exercise.

3. Tom and Julie (learn) English this year.

4. The bank (open) at 9.30 every morning from Monday to Friday.

5. Our cousins (come) to see us next Sunday.

6. Tom (read) the newspaper every morning on the train.

7. Julie usually (clean) the house on Saturdays.

8. At the moment she (write) a letter to a client.

9. Julie (speak) three languages : English, French and Spanish.

10. Today is Sunday. Tom and Julie (relax) in their garden.