Present Perfect - Simple or Continuous?

Complete the sentences below by filling in the spaces provided.
Put the verb (in brackets) into the correct tense and/or find the missing words.
Then press "Check" to see the correction.

1. How long (you learn) English?

2. How many cigarettes (you smoke) this afternoon?

3. Sophie (work) in London since 2010.

4. My father has had his watch a long time.

5. How many years (you live) in Tokyo?

6. Mark is exhausted. He (play) tennis two hours.

7. Emily (do) very well at school since the beginning of the year.

8. I (wear) this sweater since 9 o'clock this morning.

9. My parents (know) Laura for many years.

10. Peter (attend) English classes two years.

11. My best friend (always hate) fish.

12. How many chapters of the book (read) so far?

13. Tom (wait) for the bus a long time.

14. Amy (listen) carefully to the teacher the beginning of the lesson.

15. How long (be) a member of the tennis club?