Grammar Exercise

Find the Mistake Exercise N°1


Each of the sentences below has a mistake. Find it and correct it.
Example : I have written the article yesterday . → I wrote the article yesterday.

1. Sacha has visited New York two months ago.
2. Anne isn’t here at the moment.  She’s been to London.
3. In your life, how many different countries did you visit?
4. They’ve opened the new shopping centre last week.
5. How many pages did you read so far this week?
6. When have you bought your car?
7. Ben has lived in London since 5 years.
8. We’ve seen that film last Friday.
9. His English improved a lot this year.
10.In his last job, Peter has travelled to Germany every month.
11.Zoe has worked here between 2007 and 2009.
12.How many films did you see this month?
13.When has Mary arrived ?
14.Before leaving for Boston, I have bought a good dictionary.
15.So far I didn’t receive a reply to my invitation.

 Answers :

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