Present Perfect vs Past Simple Exercise

Choose the correct tense of the verb.

Complete each sentence below with the correct tense of the verb in brackets. Then press "Check" to see the correction.
Remember : the Present Perfect is used for unfinished time, the Past Simple for finished time.
1. Tom and Julie (go) to the cinema yesterday.

2. Andy is playing a game of tennis. He (play) for 2 hours.

3. Eva (book) tickets two weeks ago for the concert in Vienna.

4. The teacher (speak) English since the beginning of this lesson.

5. In your life, how many countries (you-visit) ?

6. The Bank (open) a branch in the new shopping centre last month.

7. The bus is late and Julie is cold. She (wait) for 10 minutes.

8. Caroline (work) here between 2010 and 2012.

9. Before boarding, James (buy) a book to read during the flight.

10. So far today, I (learn) several new words in English.