Gapfill Exercise

Complete the sentences below with the correct tense of the verb in brackets :
present perfect or past perfect, simple or continuous form.

1) I'm ready to go now. I (finish) my homework.

2) My mother was furious when she saw that the dog (eat) the meat!

3) Pedro (attend) English classes for the last two years.

4) You're doing well. How many pages (write) so far?

5) David was tired because he (paint) the house all day.

6) It is Maria's first job. She never (work) before.

7) Tony arrived late. Sophie (wait) for nearly half an hour.

8) The doctor was annoyed because Charlie (forget) his appointment.

9) Eva must be ready for the exam now. She (revise) for weeks!

10) Alex didn't go to the cinema because he (see) the film already.