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Complete the following sentences using the possessive form.
Example: My uncle has a big house. →My uncle's house is big.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. Peter has a friend called David.  David is ___________________
2. Peter has a lot of friends, including David.  David is _____________
3.I know Peter very well.  We are friends.  Peter is _______ _____
4. The dog has a long tail so be careful not to walk on it.  
Don't walk on ____________________
5. Emma has an appointment with the hairdresser at 10 a.m. 
At 10 a.m. Emma will be ___________________________
6. My neighbours have a red car.   _______________________  is red.
7. My parents have painted their house blue.  _____________ is blue.
8. The company made a proposal whih was rejected by the Trade Unions. 
The Trade Unions rejected the _____________________
9. My grandfather has a dog.  Its name is Roxy. 
My ________________________________ is Roxy
10. The head office of the company is on Park Avenue.
  The _______________________________ is on Park Avenue.

 Answers :
1. Peter's friend   2. a friend of Peter's/one of Peter's friends  
3. a friend of mine/one of my friends   4. the dog's tail   5. at the hairdresser's  
6. my neighbours' car   7. my parents' house   8. the company's proposal 
9. my grandfather's dog's name   10. company's head office 

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